Casey Hanemayer WITB – First & Worst Edition

Casey Hanemayer won his third River City Cup this weekend. What discs propelled him to his seven shot vicory?

This was Casey’s 24th win of his career, and rumor has it that his game has gotten too big for this stage. Watch for Casey on JomezPro coverage next year. I was lucky enough to catch up with him and learn about the key discs that propelled him to victory, and the biggest moment in his final round.

Before we get into breaking down the key win, I’ll tell a little story about my weekend (the worst side of the title). I have had a few people ask me how I ended up shooting +79, with a glorious event rating of 646, so here’s how it happened.

On Thursday night, I was getting in a final tune up round in the Gophertown League (Saskatoon PDGA Sanctioned League). I walked up to the par 4 17th – my second hole of the day (shotgun start) – and tossed a smooth forehand out to the left side of the fairway, however it hit a tall and THICC Poplar tree then dropped down next to it on the left side. As I sauntered up to my disc I figured I was close to the tree, but I had enough room for a swing. I was about 350 feet from the basket so I had to give my Destroyer a full treatment to get it to the basket.

This is when things went bad… I should have never thrown the shot. Or thrown a backhand and laid up. On my follow-through I Karate-Chopped that Poplar tree. And with one shot I broke two bones in my thumb (X-rays back yesterday) and pretty much derailed my season. But here’s a couple of things about me: I am a competitor, and I hate quitting. So with the River City Cup starting in two days in Edmonton I had to find a way to play.

At the time I thought it was just sprain and that it might be healed in time for the tournament. I was determined to find a way to play. In Fridays practice round I learnt how to play left-handed and was ready to rumble… well ready enough to shoot a three round total of +79.

Anyways… enough about me! Lets talk about the big winner of the weekend, Casey Hanemayer. This guy was seriously impressive. Making putts from everywhere, and bombing drives. When asked about the key moment in the final round Casey said: “I made a 38 foot putt on 7 for a birdie and got a stroke on the card, this gave me more breathing room for the rest of the round and gave me the confidence to keep pushing”. This was after making bogey on 5 (a horrible spit out and roll-away), and 6.

The most important disc in Casey’s bag was the Prodigy P Model S, “a great putter and it save me a lot of strokes on the green”. For approaches Casey used a Prodigy PA1, his reliable fairway driver was a Prodigy H1V2, and for consistent distance he used a Prodigy D1. Below are the flight ratings and details for the four go-to discs that @chunkdisc used to win by 7 shots at a 60 hole total of -32.

Go-to Driver: Prodigy D1 (12, 5, 0, 3)

The Prodigy D1 is an overstable, ultra high speed driver (speed 13 using the Innova system). Like all very high speed drivers, the D1 has a thick (2.3 cm) rim. While the rim is considered thick, it isn’t maximum PDGA width. The width is the same as discs such as the Innova Krait and Westside King. While the D1 is overstable, it isn’t a “meathook”, or one we would classify as “very overstable.” The D1 is a fantastic driver for power throwers, windy shots, forehand throws, and strategic doglegs.

Go-to Fairway: Prodigy H1V2 (11, 4, 0, 3)

The second version of the Prodigy H1 has been re-engineered to be a fast flying but consistently overstable driver. Compared with the original H1, theV2 has a different rim. The rim depth has been reduced to provide an easier grip, while the outside edge is now sleeker and more aerodynamic to provide faster speed, more glide, and more distance. The H1 V2 is a valuable disc for both backhand and sidearm throws. 

Go-to Approach: Prodigy PA-1 (3, 3, 0, 2)

The Prodigy PA-1 is an overstable putt and approach disc that is very consistent in the wind. This is the most overstable of the Prodigy putters currently available, and makes an excellent driving putter.

Go-to Putter: Prodigy P Model S (3, 5, 0, 2)

As the name of this disc mold indicates the P (putter) Model S (Stable) is a stable flying putt and approach disc in the Prodigy Ace Line. This is an ultra glidey putter with a straight flight and a subtle fade that make it perfect for draining long putts. The Ace Line P Model S has a slim profile, comfortable grip, and small bead designed to give you consistency for short drives, approach shots, and putts.

I met so many great people throughout the tournament and everyone was so unbelievably supportive. I want to personally thank every single person who rooted me on throughout the tournament.

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Next stop is the Escape Sports Open, stay tuned for a preview and WITB of the winner!